Have you said or heard any of these?
Come, Sit-A-Spell.”

“Over Yander.”

“Got any Moonshine.”

“Cornbread and Milk.”

“Beans and Cornbread, the soul food of the Ozarks.”

“Well, shuckey durn.”

“Can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.”

“Give us a holler” (call us)

”Down the road a piece” (anywhere from 1 to 10 miles)

“Horsefeathers” (nonsense)

“I’m right proud of you” (good job)

”Well, I swear to my soul” (when things aren’t going well)
If you have, you are probably Ozark or have been to the Ozark region of north central Arkansas.  The history and culture of the Ozarks is very distinct and their cooking is just as diverse.  Ozark Cooking Traditions go back many years ago with traditional old recipe favorites being passed from generation to generation by Ozark families.  Many Ozark Family Recipes and stories are dated as far back as the mid-1900s.
Ozark Cooking Tradition includes the art of cooking vegetables to a mush, as contrasted with the European al dente tradition.  Additionally, Ozark Cooking is not completely southern, as shown by the lack of grits, yet it keeps the southern touch in food such as corn pone.
The blackberry is an honored fruit and is served as cobbler, jam, or even liquid.  By honoring this fruit with these specific serving traditions, the Ozarks are keeping with I Timothy 5: 23 in the Bible.  How the Ozarks cook and speak goes hand-in-hand.  Many of their sayings relate to their food.  That’s because their cooking and food traditions define who they are just as much as their unique dialect defines who they are.  Both their cooking and speech styles separate their culture from any other culture.  Stay tuned in to Old Recipe Favorites for more great cookign info — you have nothing to lose and only great recipes to gain!

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